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In checking the box below, I agree to the following: I am aware of the physical risks involved in exercise and understand that it is my personal responsibility to consult with my physician prior to my participation in any classes and prior to receiving any instruction. I also understand that if at any time during any class or when receiving any instruction from Erika or her associate instructors, that if I feel any discomfort or pain, that it is my responsibility to cease instruction and to consult with my physician. I agree that I am solely responsible for the decision to practice yoga or any physical activity with Erika Vipond Essentrics & Yoga. I also agree that I have no known medical condition that which would prevent me from taking part in yoga, Essentrics, personal training and any other kind of physical activity at Erika Vipond Essentrics & Yoga. I assume responsibility for any risk or injury that I may sustain as a result of my participation. I agree that Erika Vipond, her officers, employees and agents shall not be liable for any claim, demand or cause of action of any kind resulting from or related to the use of the facilities or participation in any sport, exercise or activity within the club/studio premises. I accept that neither the instructor nor the host facilities are liable for theft and or loss of personal effects, or damages to property, resulting from taking this class. Finally, I release Erika Vipond and the host facility from all liability for injuries or physical problems.