The Program:

This program aims to motivate and inspire you to integrate fitness and wellness practices into your daily life.  Learn how to restore balance in your body with a variety of stretch techniques including barre, Progressing Ballet Technique™ and Essentrics™. 
Fire up your muscles, increase range of motion, improve posture and build a solid foundation for strength training.  A firm, toned body is a part of fitness but it's not our primary objective, it's simply a result.  Our focus is to develop a healthy lifestyle and a consistent routine, in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Upon registration you will receive a Goal Setting Exercise to complete before Week 1.  Each week, you will receive a Weekly Wellness Training Plan including nutrition tips, video workouts, self-care ideas and more.

The Details:


Location:  Old Montreal Address Available Upon Request

Date & Time:  5:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday: September 12th - October 17th, 2018  SOLD OUT

Thursday: September 13th - October 18th, 2018


  • Week 1:  Posture & Alignment  Mobility, Posture, Muscle & Joint release
  • Week 2:  Flexibility & Barre  Stretch Techniques, Nervous System, Connective Tissue, Body Composition
  • Week 3:  Lower Body  Feet, LEGS, Hips & GLUTES 
  • Week 4:  Upper Body  3-5lb weights & resistance bands Focus on ARMS, Shoulders and BACK toning
  • Week 5:  Fit Ball CORE ABS, LEGS & Feet
  • Week 6:  Recovery Active Rehabilitation Training, Pain Relief, Relaxation


6-class Series Includes 6hrs Semi-Private Training & 6 Weekly Wellness Plans .............$35/class ($210)

Single class Includes 1Hr Semi-Private Training & 1 Wellness Plan ....... $40

Optional Add-On: Nutrition Assessment ....... $80

Space is LIMITED Expect a personalized approach & individual attention.

All applicable taxes will be applied.  No refunds, transfers or exchanges.

I wish to spark an interest in learning simple ways of taking good care of yourself;
To inspire you to live the healthiest and most vibrant life you can.
— Erika