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Form & Function Refined

 Erika’s training focuses on full-body conditioning and is based on the principles of exercise science, the bio-mechanics of movement, dynamic stretching, fascia training and core-integrated body-weight training. She loves using ballet barres, small weights, fit balls and resistance bands to help you find your balance of strength, flexibility and mobility.

She strengthens where you need it; and stretches where you need to release, in order to build uniform muscle development and effortless alignment. Using reflex driven full-body movements you will unlock your joints, improve your posture, increase flexibility and reveal a stronger, leaner and more balanced YOU.

Personal Training Schedule March/April 2019: Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm & Saturdays 8:30am - 1pm. Subject to change.

Classes held at B52 Gym: 1001 Rue Lenoir, corner Saint-Antoine. FREE PARKING




Saturdays 1:30pm-2:30pm

Essentrics classes for 6 consecutive Saturdays at B52 Gym, 1001 Rue Lenoir.

$150 for all 6 ($25/class) or drop-in $30

Small Group Training

3-5 participants

A great way to get results and stay motivated.  Find a colleague, friend or family member with similar fitness goals and inspire each other to progress.

Small group training provides specialized attention and a more personalized approach, yet at a reduced rate when compared to personal training. It helps builds dedication, commitment and sustainable lifestyle changes. When you know someone is counting on you to be there, you'll push yourself (in a good way!) to strengthen your body, mind and friendships too!

Personal Training

1-2 people

For new practitioners, those suffering with chronic pain or injury; private training provides an effective way to learn the fundamental principles of a safe and empowering practice. For seasoned practitioners, experience the opportunity to explore plateaus and dive into more advanced practices.

Personalized and individual attention, with a training program tailored to your goals, needs and medical history.

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The Corporate Class

Increase Productivity & Employee Satisfaction

It's the perfect way to reduce stress and create a more goal effective and dynamic work environment.  Erika's clients include ICAO, Rogers, Dentsubos, iProspect, Coalision, LolëWomen, Pratt & Whitney, Ubisoft.  


Lunch and Learn Workshops available. Options for catered lunch.


Nutrition Assessment

Personal Dietary Assessments

An analysis of your diet, eating habits and overall nutrient intake, based on a food record questionnaire that will cover your medical history and lifestyle habits.  The goal is to help you gain knowledge and empower you to improve your health with the use of nutrient dense foods and lifestyle recommendations, to holistically bring your body back into balance.

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workshops: Strength in Numbers

Erika's workshops are crafted to stretch, strengthen and re-balance from head-to-toe, arming you with knowledge to take the right steps towards experiencing a more effective workout & living a healthier, active lifestyle.

The accessible nature of her workshops are designed for a wide spectrum of both men and women, ranging from athletes, fitness professionals and enthusiasts to those becoming active for the first time. 

At seminars, conferences, training camps and wellness retreats, Erika works to create a special experience that speaks loudly to you and your client's needs. Creative and engaging, her workshops stimulate personal and professional growth, building a solid foundation for your body and business to thrive.

Erika has worked with:



Special Workshop Events & Retreats

Erika ensures the process of setting up a specialty Master Class or Weekend Workshop is as easy and seamless as possible. She is passionate about making sure that each event, no matter how big or small, is a unique and successful experience.

  • Offer seminars and workshops at your conference or wellness retreat.

  • Grow class attendance and private clientele at your health club, gym or studio.

  • Teachers, fitness professionals: Expand your teaching repertoire and develop your skills.

The Weekend Intensive

Deepen your understanding behind the science of movement with a motivating weekend, dedicated to mastering your technique.  Learn how to surpass your goals and reveal a new, rejuvenated and empowered body.

(Sample Schedule) 2 Day Weekend Workshop

  • Saturday 9.30am – 10.45am Master Class- Strength & Stretch in Motion

  • Saturday 11am – 11.45am Lecture- The Science of Stretching

  • Sunday 9:30am- 10:30am Master Class- Full-Body Barre Workout

  • Sunday 10:45am- 11:30am Lecture - Alignment & Posture

  • Sunday 1pm – 2pm Master Class- Release & Restore


See What Her Clients Have To Say


Fabulous Essentrics class with Erika at Equinox.  She's a serious motivator for those vying for long, lean legs.  

Kate Daley - Health Editor, Canadian Living Magazine


... what a tremendous experience the Level 2 teacher training was for me.  Erika was a stellar instructor... She kept me on my toes the entire 3 days, sometimes literally and always mentally. She was clear, encouraging, gave very helpful corrections and was incredibly informative and inspiring. — Nancy M. Essentrics Instructor Toronto


I wanted to write to say... just how transformative your classes were for me, Erika.  I am sure I am not the only person who felt emotional at the end of them, or in the days that followed. There is also no doubt that spending four days "in my body" allowed me to loosen all sorts of tension and feeling I had been holding within me for many, many months.

So I want to thank you for providing an opportunity to stretch and shift and feel and emote, in addition to the very concrete and phenomenal instruction of Essentrics itself.  Despite the rigor of the workshops, you provided gentleness, clarity, and a space for compassion--for others and for ourselves. I was deeply impressed by not only the grace of your bodily movements, but also the grace of your teaching style...' - 
Rebecca, Los Angeles


I. Loved. It.  Erika was never trying to sell it at all or say that Essentrics is the only thing you should do- she was just educating us on the benefits so I loved that approach.  I've done 12 hours in the last 2 days and I'm a bit sore since I did push myself but I honestly feel really good!  Which never happens to me I swear!  It's subtle but I feel energized... I even did the full hour with my mom when I got home from training last night! - Tiana, Toronto


Erika you taught with passion, energy, caring, details and it was all inspiring!  You made clear the Essentrics benefits.  I do hope to train with you again. Essentrics is my post concussion workout that continues to change my body.  - Karen, Montreal Teacher Training Workshop


Thank YOU for a wonderful weekend Erika.  I came away from it with much more than I had ever expected.  - Level 1 Trainee NYC Workshop


Prices are subject to change, all applicable taxes will be applied.  24hr cancellation policy in effect.

Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.