How likely is it that you would recommend this wellness retreat/professional event to a family member or friend
Overall, how would you rate the wellness retreat?
How well did the event meet your expectations?
Do you think the event was too long, too short, or about right?
How helpful was the content presented at the stretch workshop?
How helpful was the content presented at the Nutrition workshop?
In terms of achieving a sense of well-being: How well did you achieve a sense of rest, relaxation and self-care?
Did you leave the retreat feeling motivated to move forwards with your vibrant and healthy lifestyle?
How engaging was Erika, as a speaker at the event?
For the teachers: In terms of career development, how valuable was the experience at the retreat?
How comfortable did you feel asking questions at the event
How would you rate the quality of the facilities at Le Baluchon?
How could future retreats be improved?
How would you rate the value for the money at the retreat?
How likely are you to attend another Girls' Getaway in the future?