Dynamic Stretch.  Full-Body Strength.

Erika Vipond is an expert trained fitness professional specializing in flexibility and mobility training 



My training is a symbol of work that is deliberate, accessible, functional and fresh.

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From behind the scenes with the NHL, to camera-ready with Lolë Women; take a peek at Erika's favorite projects, videos & latest collaborations.

My focus is to create freedom of movement in your body, through the strength and power of developing long, lean muscles.

Define your curves?  Yes, she will do that.  Help you run faster or relieve aches and pains? Yes, she will do that too.


Her Approach

Erika's work is centered around the idea that fitness should be an enjoyable experience, done out of love and respect for what your body can do. 


Her focus is to bring the lifestyle industries of fitness and wellness, innovative and sustainable training programs that promote the idea of body positivity and the growth of bodywork in the field of integrative medicine.

When you look good, it's because you feel good.  Her aim is to help you realize this peaceful state-of-mind by achieving your personal potential through accessible and engaging platforms.   


Freedom of movement takes full-body flexibility, strength and mobility. It's what drives Erika to train the entire body well, through the full range-of-motion of every joint- the way our bodies are designed to move.  With challenging yet gentle whole body movement, her goal is to unlock your body and to re-design your approach towards stretching- for you to see it as the foundation of your strength training, and as an integral part of self-care.

Above all, I wish to spark an interest in learning simple ways of taking good care of yourself;
To inspire you to live the healthiest, happiest and most productive life you can.
— Erika